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Basic Personal Training Demo

Basic Personal Training Demo
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Basic Personal Training Demo
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FitGully Provides you free basic online training with any purchase you make

Want to get in shape? but don't know how or where to start, Don't worry FitGully has got your back, with any fitness equipment purchase you make, you get 7 days of free Basic Online Personal training. This means no more guesswork about which exercises to do or how to do it properly. If you're new to the gym, you likely have a lot question! The what,when, and how of fitness doesn't have to be complicated. Our trainers will show you exactly what to do to get results quickly.

How It Works

  1. Once you make a purchase our trainer will contact you in order to learn about your health and activity background so that our personal trainer can provide an individual plan.
  2. Connect with your trainer on whatever online platform you prefer (eg- whatsapp, zoom, skype etc) for you 1-on-1 sessions.


  1. Online Personal Training session will happen over Zoom Call.
  2. A typical session duration will be between 45 to 60 min.
  3. You can reschedule your session by letting your trainer know in advance and if they have a available slot for that day.
  4. In case of unavailability you can let your trainer know about it in advance, and you can pause your session for maximum of 2 days.
  5. If you are not satisfied with your with our online PT or had some bad experience, Please let know on our team will look into it and will make sure that does not happen again.
  6. In-case the assigned trainer is not available we will assign a new trainer to you.

Personal Training
7 Days (From Purchase)
Coaching Method
Batch Size

Steps to Redeem free Personal Training:
1. Create Account

2. Buy any home gym equipment

3. After purchasing the assigned trainier will call you.

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